Episode #14 | Starting a New Year's Revolution with Lu Uhrich

Hello, hello! It's officially 2017 -- can you believe it?! As you may have realized by now, I couldn't make the podcast my priority after the miscarriage and the holidays, so I just didn't. I put my own personal needs first, and you all waited so patiently for it to come back!

Luckily, we've got some incredible guests for you this month so far. 

This episode is absolutely essential to beginning this year on the right foot. I had the honor of talking with the honest and talented Lu Uhrich on my *first ever* Skype video interview for the podcast! It was beyond cool; it genuinely felt as if we were hanging out and just shooting this shit about the diet and fitness industry, why women are already perfect, and how we don't need a New Year's Resolution to fill fulfilled this month.


SOURCE: instagram.com/lueatsdotcom

SOURCE: instagram.com/lueatsdotcom

Lu Uhrich is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Body Image Mentor and Transformational Life Coach. She helps women worldwide to grow in self-awareness, find food freedom and practice body love. Her work is all about waking, shaking and fan-girling women into their best, most rewarding lives. Beyond her professional practice, Lu is an avid book reader, dancer, baker, nature lover, tattoo collector and biology junkie. She's a millennial mama of three and wife to one fine bearded man. You can learn more about Lu and her transformational coaching programs at www.lueats.com or follow her on Instagram @lueatsdotcom for a daily dose of self love inspiration.

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We discuss BBG and the effects the before/after photos have on women. Don't worry, we still think the workouts are super fun! ;)