We’re Growing!

Hey everyone! Around this BlissQuarters, it’s been pretty insane lately. With an offer from Cosmopolitan UK, ELLE,multiple designers interested in adding their special touch to BlissBranch, and the final emergence of BlissBoxes (woot woot!), you can imagine we’ve been a little slammed. Not to mention the fact that we’re leaving in eight days for a month on the road! 

Luckily, we’ll get to see most of you IN PERSON on this tour, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! 

Just wanted to go ahead and address some issues that have been eating at me recently; I want to bring them to everyone’s attention then find the joy and growth that’s hidden in them and move forward!

Some of you may have noticed that BlissBranch has been receiving some comments on photos about how I should feel guilty for “ripping people off just to make a profit” or that “what [we're] doing is wrong” and that our “message is getting lost in making a business,” etcetera. 

Everyone, you are all entitled to feel as you do, and I really do appreciate the honesty. The thing is, you may merely be seeing me buying cheap clothes, throwing them on, taking photos, and handing them off to whoever just to make a ridiculous profit and laugh menacingly as I count my bills.

The reality is, at BlissBranch, we scour websites, thrift stores, wholesale shops, and our own creative minds to come up with a product that has love in it. Whether we designed a dress from the 70s or not, it does not mean that it’s lacking in our desire to bring people joy or our willingness to do anything to make our customers and readers smile.

As with any business, we do need to pay our own bills on top of buying shipping supplies, our domain, an at-home shipping label printer, clothes, sewing supplies, washing supplies, labeling and craft supplies, etc. We don’t pay ourselves for hours spent, we just put the money right back into BlissBranch, reserving a card and account solely for the business itself. 

We don’t have labor hours, we literally do this all day everyday

And I love it. I’m so grateful.

We just started this a couple months ago and are still flailing around trying the best techniques to get our job done the most effectively and efficiently, all while keeping everyone happy and replying to all the comments and emails we receive.

Doing all of this and trying to stay true to BlissBranch’s sole roots of being grateful for our bodies, happy in our skin, and loving one another. That being said, those of you with hate mail, I still love you. It wouldn’t be the real world if we didn’t have a few people attempting to shoot us down just so that we could question ourselves (despite knowing our truth) and try to improve. 

Even if you’re trying to rise above, there’s still that inkling inside that wants to impress the bullies. To show them you actually DO care about everyone, and this isn’t some selfish scheme “based off of some petty internet fame.” 

(Yes, someone said that, YIKES!)

This is just me touching base with each and everyone of you to let you know that I’m not doing this to take advantage of readers and customers at all. I’m so grateful and constantly inspired by all of you, constantly buying things I think you’ll love based off of what you’ve requested, and when it doesn’t work, I put it on sale and try try again.

To those of you with positive feedback and constructive advice, thank you. We have attempted to shift and build BlissBranch in a way that you will enjoy it the most you possibly can because you’re the ones making our dreams come true. You’re beautiful and in all honesty, you don’t need a piece of clothing to know it.

At BlissBranch, we just want you to know that it’s okay to treat yourself. 

It’s okay to get dressed up, to experiment with your style, to put yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things.

It’s okay to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that all of your dreams can and will come true and the only thing standing in the way is you. You can make your life happen and no one else.

The truth is, this is our living. It’s not consistent, but it’s G R O W I N G.

As long as we continue to water, feed, and tend to it, it will continue to blossom.



So, My Cousin Got Engaged…

And he may hate me for posting this for everyone to see, but this is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen! I cried :D

Please watch it, the whole thing, it’s sooo sweet! It just makes me so jealous we didn’t have wedding videography, and makes me so excited for whenever we receive our wedding videography! Woohoo! 

Just had to share this. I couldn’t resist. I love love! <3 :)

Good Morning!


Do you ever have those moments where life becomes so surreal and precious that surely it can’t be your own? 

Well, I have those moments frequently, especially these past few weeks. You see, my husband Collin was apprenticing to be an electrician for about a year and I guess I’m still not used to not being afraid for his life. First, a giant structure fell like fifteen feet and onto his foot and broke the top of his foot. Then, his brother Weston got heat stroke. Great. Seriously? That’s like the most terrifying news! 

Finally, Collin had a giant nail go through his workboot and through his foot. A tetanus shot and a couple limping days later, we decided he was done. He was no longer going to shove himself into a 120 degree attic in the middle of summer to install someone’s new fancy lighting. 

Don’t get me wrong! This is a valuable job, and I really am so grateful for those who work it. I’m just also so grateful my husband isn’t doing that anymore.

Anywho, back to feeling surreal because you’re blown away by your life.

Yeah. I mean, Collin and I have come so far within the last year, it’s unbelievable. Even within the last six months! Six weeks!

Firstly, we were teenagers last summer when we decided we were going to be together forever.

He was on tour and I had flown out to see him in Denver, I believe, and I was able to travel to all these cities I couldn’t even have dreamt up. I was still living with my parents, so though I had saved some money for miscellaneous tattoos and road trips, my money was essentially for spending, and spend I did! So silly, now, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Infinite coffee from a billion different coffee shops I’d only seen in photographs and tons of authentic food and culture and scenery that made me feel like I was in a movie.

I remember we were staying at a friend’s house in Utah when he told me goodnight and that he loved me one night before he went to his bed. I was kinda flipping out on the inside the past few days with the realization that I couldn’t even fathom being with anyone else.

 Like ever.

So after he said he loved me I said, “Like forever?”

Gulp. Sweating. Barfing on the inside. AHHH!

He smiled sweetly and said, “Like forever.”


I probably giggled myself to sleep that night, envisioning our future as husband and wife, probably having a child or six, who knows.

All I know is that within a few months, we knew we were going to marry one another and within a year we were engaged. Here we are, madly in love and have been married four days shy of three months!

In fact, we got engaged exactly seven months ago today! WOAH!

But, please, don’t think we’re flawless. We’ve had bum girlfriend and boyfriend experiences, for sure. Everyone has! Psh, my romantic history is far less than perfect. Everyone’s is. Sometimes you’ve gotta kiss some frogs before you find your perfect Prince Collin DuPree, ammiright, ladies? 

Like, a lot of frogs. But hey, those frogs are someone else’s princes, right?

I just want everyone to know that they deserve love from someone else, but they also first before all others, deserve the love from themselves.

No one completes you in the grand scheme that is your life. Rather, someone accents you, and makes you learn and find different things out about yourself that were already there to begin with, you were just blind to them. If you love someone, truly, deeply love someone, you trust them when they tell you that you’re beautiful. It’s something you have to see for yourself, however, they can’t force you to see it.

Do you know how many times I’ve had to cry and shake myself out of feeling sorry for myself or hating my body, even MARRIED?! It’s something that Collin most certainly helps me with, but the decision to stop crying and accept myself and see the beauty in the only body I’ve given is all my own.


I still am making steps towards living a healthy lifestyle, but no one has a perfect relationship with their mind/body, we’re all unique and we all see ourselves and our plates differently whether we’re deemed clinically disordered or not. I know there are hashtags out there that are obsessed over by girls that are younger than me and older than me.

Well, check it out, I don’t have a #thighgap nor am I an advocate for #thinspo or #fitspo for that matter, but I am here to say that you can be healthy and happy without any of that in your life and that to base your goals for your own body off of the promotion of someone else’s is never going to satisfy you. 

You’re already flawless the way you are!

 Kissed too many frogs? Found your prince? Sick of negative hashtags? Learning to love yourself with what you were given?
So take this early morning rambling blog post and think about it some, comment your thoughts and your experiences below if you have anything you feel relates to anything here.

Own Domain!


Boom! Finally taking charge and making this blog official! I feel as though I’ve neglected it in the wake of opening up our shop, but please please forgive us. I still want everyone to understand how much we still desire to relate and hear from every single one of you!


We’re still spending our days figuring out things like tax IDs, sales taxes, most efficient postage, best packaging, best vendors and suppliers, best times to work, which days to work, what the hell to do with our kitten Prim while we work! The list goes on and on.


First off, let me clarify what we have hinted at in previous posts: Collin and I did quit our jobs to do BlissBranch full time! 

It may seem crazy and impulsive and irresponsible, but we have never taken anything more seriously in our lives (and we also never would have suspected we would have been able to make as much, if not more, than our previous jobs).


So, here we are. A couple of newlyweds throwing out whatever makeshift future we had envisioned and embarking on a journey bigger than we could have ever imagined. 



All with the small hope that someone will feel understood and loved by us complete strangers, and will realize that though we sell clothes, we don’t sell self worth or beauty. You have that all the time, and you’re beautiful just the way you are. We promote comfort in the cheesy sayings and quotes that are deemed “inspirational” but should actually just be called “natural” or “factual”.


Most nights we spend figuring out the best quotes, ways to utilize our stamps and tags, and sitting around eating watermelon and watching Netflix.



_DSC0327Recently, we borrowed a very nice camera from our sister Sherri and are still figuring out what the heck to do with it! Hahaha, automatic settings don’t really sustain every environment like you would think! We actually have to learn what to do :P!

Since we’re actually coming up with better and more efficient ways to do everything, we’re hoping to finally dedicate some “Me-Time” to the blog! DIYs, recipes, everything we’ve been requested! 

_DSC0366So this is just a post to let you know that we’re here to stay! We’ve invested our time, money, and love into BlissBranch and we are so incredibly inspired by everyone buying our items and leaving positive feedback! 
_DSC0375Also, this guy is a hunk and I just am so in love with him. He constantly inspires me everyday, believes in me, and tells me how grateful he is to have this opportunity together.

That’s our secret. We have nothing but hope and gratefulness for what is to come and what we’re doing now. 

The biggest secret is that it isn’t a secret at all. You can do it too! :)


Fun Facts About Me!

I just thought it could be somewhat hilarious to do a post on a few little things very few people know about me. Here it goes!

1. I’ve cleaned up more strangers’ poop in the bathroom than I can count.

2. My husband and I spend our evenings mostly eating watermelon and watching controversial political and philosophical documentaries.

3. I graduated high school at the age of 17 and finished early at a school for delinquents because it was the only way I could get away with finishing within a month.

4. Back to the bathroom topic, I’ll never use a handicap bathroom for fear someone who’s actually handicapped needs to use the restroom while I’m in there.

5. I’m going on the Sucre tour in September and it’s cute because literally that’s all Collin and I listened to in the car whenever we first started dating.

6. I briefly worked at a yoga studio before Collin and I started dating.

7. I still try to do yoga everyday; it’s the only form of exercise that doesn’t make me feel like I’m trying to burn calories, but makes me feel comfortable and strong.

8. I’m almost always scared that every slight ailment is like a killer disease. Collin makes fun of my for it, but my anxiety takes off at the smallest sign of sickness.

9. I make southwestern quinoa like every night and it’s my favorite dinner.

10. I didn’t grow up in a church or anything close, but sought my own spiritual path once I was in treatment.

11. My favorite class in college was World Religions.

12. For the record, I thought Collin and Christie were dating the first time I saw an inkling of their band on the internet. Lol oops.

13. I’m filling this out in the car and Collin is rapping to old Eminem.

14. I saw Collin picking his nose the night we met.

15. He’s probably going to kill me for number 14.

16. I LITERALLY have eleven siblings (unless you add my siblings in laws spouses, then I have 16).

17. I didn’t graduate college, but I when I went, I was majoring in art.

18. I took printmaking and it was the hardest thing ever. Hats off to whoever finds that fun.

19. Collin and I live in a triplex next door to his parents. Once again, lol oops.

20. I grew up in a house with three cats and four dogs.

21. I didn’t get a job until I was eighteen, so if you feel like a loser because you’re seventeen and haven’t ever had a job, DON’T.

22. I used to party hardy every weekend and abuse drugs and alcohol.

23. I smoked cigarettes from fourteen to eighteen years old.

24. The reason I quit was because I was going to Colorado and I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to breathe. Sooooo glad I did.

25. I bought a Magic Bullet at Target like three days ago and I bet I’ve used it like twenty times already.

26. Bananas are some of my favorite foods. That sounds dirty.

27. Erase number 26 from your memory.

28. Collin and I eat so much salsa and make it different every time.

29. I’m obsessed with air popped popcorn.

30. Collin is walking around the house singing “Rich Girl” by Gwen Stefani.

Busy Bliss

So, as some of you may’ve noticed, we’ve been exceptionally busy around here the past two weeks! Literally within this small amount of time our life has taken on an absolutely incredible and refreshing turn, and it wouldn’t have happened without YOUR help!

I wanted to post this thank you alongside with a few answers regarding various emails and comments I’ve received with the hopes of clearing up some of you inquisitive shoppers/readers. I’m sorry I haven’t posted more of a variety of sizes past S, M, L, and XL. I swear I’m trying! I’ve bought several things but they’ve sold so quickly that I haven’t gotten the opportunity to stock up just yet. Since this business is so fresh and shiny new, we’re still working out the kinks and always taking suggestions and constructive criticism. We’ve received some not so sweet emails regarding Bliss doing the opposite of it’s mission which is to make people feel good about themselves, and frankly, it leaves me broken-hearted! Just know that we ARE trying every time we go scoping for new garments to find plus sizes and smaller sizes to style and have available for everyone :).

Regardless of clothes, I hope everyone recognizes that we still are promoting mindfulness, positive self worth, and body image. This can be taken into consideration by anyone, despite their size, because it’s based on your mentality and your feelings about yourself. I want you to know I’m still open for emails with questions or any struggle you may be having, and I want everyone to know the sole purpose of this blog has not been forgotten!

Even these days I still struggle with my own set of body-image issues and food-related problems. I’ve been facing things that have hidden from me, things I guess I thought would vanish with my past once I got married. We’re all human and we all have our beef with ourselves, hiding it and projecting it in unhealthy ways onto ourselves or others. I’m just here to say we can work through it and we can all encourage one another!

We are so grateful here at the Bliss Headquarters that you’ve given us a chance and let us into your life in such a relatable and honest way. We love and appreciate every single one of you! <3


Instagram Official

Yesterday marked my first attempts of selling clothes on the internet and I was very pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback I received from my readers! If this is something that a good amount of you guys are interested in, then let there be a sale!

I’m planning on purchasing and reworking several different things so that everyone who’s looking for a good pair of overalls or high waisted shorts or just a granny maxi dress can have it! I had loads of fun yesterday styling and putting together the outfit bundles for those who purchased items I posted.

I also started BlissBranch an Instagram yesterday, whoop whoop! I would love everyone to follow both accounts because I’ll be posting different material on each :).

I was wondering if there’s any specific item anyone’s looking for? Sizing? Extras? Accessories? Comment on this post or on the Instagram @BlissBranch and I’ll do my best to make it happen :)!